A young Electronics & Communications Engineer from Kolkata, India started making mashups on obsolete software platforms and with time grew as a rising talent producing bootleg and mashes from his bedroom studio learning from video tutorials and laying his hand on any likewise knowledge from elsewhere. With time DJ MITRA has developed his own sense of versatility in the sounds he renders which simply define melodies beyond genre definitions. His infant Wall of Fame hoists recognitions and supports from artists based on both home & abroad. Being voted by the "ELECTRONYK MAESTRO" by DJ NYK on ELECTRONYK PODCAST 11 is the highlight amongst all and also features from various other online radio platforms by other national & international artists. He has also received support from the likes of Tom Tyger, 3LAU, NYK, Richard, Vipin, Apoorv Verma, Naveen Kumar from Chicago, DJ Elvis from South Africa and the list goes on and on. DJ MITRA believes in one simple motto, "Things can only get better" which any individual can relate to as well. He is always ready to serve you with a wide spread rendition of serene melodies and infectious beats with his renditions. In return he simply asks for your Love & Support.


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